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Presented in partnership with Dark Star Pictures and Bloody Disgusting!

Wendell (Matt Mercer) receives a threatening phone call from his parole officer Reggie (Graham Skipper)... if he doesn't find a job immediately, he will face serious legal repercussions.

Wendell wrangles some home maintenance work for a seemingly benign older woman, Suzanne (Suzanne Voss), who persists in giving him increasingly absurd tasks to complete around the house.

As the workday progresses, Wendell is thrown into an ever-escalating nightmare, and comes face to face with an unexpected evil. Suzanne hides a dark secret. And it's up to Wendell and Suzanne's daughter, Sheila (Najarra Townsend) to put an end to her madness.

“Midnight Movie making at its Finest.” – Nightmarish Conjurings

This is the first pressing of 50 copies, housed in large clamshell cases:

· 25 Not So Handyman Black / Yellow Composite Videocassettes

· 25 Unstable and Elderly Yellow Videocassettes