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Presented in partnership with MaseBrothers!

In an apocalyptic future, Stacy and a group of resistance fighters try to find Alex Rayne, a simple chef who could annihilate the Cyborg army created by Magnatron Corp. -  a powerful organization controlled by machines. A Cyborg of the latest generation, the C-9000, is running after them with the mission to eliminate Alex including any human life…

Written and directed by MaseBrothers, CYBORG DEADLY MACHINE is a rip-roaring, action-packed, blood-dripping sci-fi blast that pays tribute to the most iconic and explosive action and sci-fi films of the 80s and 90s!

Approximate runtime: 50 mins. Presented in widescreen format.  French language with English dub.

This is a one-time press strictly limited to 50 copies, housed in large black clamshell cases:

· 15 Blood on a Cyborg Red / Blue Composite Videocassettes (Red Body / Blue Flap)

· 15 Yo, Robobitch Blue / Red Composite Videocassettes (Blue Body / Red Flap)

· 20 Classic Black Videocassettes