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Creating an epic wall of sound built from huge drums, creamy layered synths, reverb-drenched vocals and rich guitar tones, CROZET’s music blends the emotion of John Hughes style film scores with a driven yet soothing synth-rock backdrop.

2022 brings a new album titled “Suburbia”. CROZET’S latest offering brings forth lyrics speaking of love and loss and music evoking the innocence of childhood colliding with teenage angst, cohered with a timeless blend of vintage and modern production.

This video album projects a fresh and unique audio/visual experience unlike anything CROZET has done before, seamlessly blending visions of the past and present to bring a third dimension to their stunning new album.

This is the full “Suburbia” album set to visuals exclusively created for this videocassette release.

Approximate running time: 35 mins.

This is the first pressing of 50 copies, housed in large clamshell cases:

·         10 Summer Night White Videocassettes

·         20 Rewind Time Green Videocassettes

·         20 Classic Black Videocasssettes