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Presented in partnership with Cybercraft Video Productions and Strange Tapes!


Albert hates everything. His tedious work-from-home job. His messy apartment. His bitchy fiancé. His whole miserable life. But he does love one thing — his computer. Specifically, the avatar from the futanari dating sim porn game he spends all of his time with. When Albert gets too deep in his obsession he realizes it could cost him everything, but when he tries to go offline his digital love becomes far more real than he expected.

This groundbreaking, jaw dropping hyperkinetic film is a mix of gender-dysphoria-techno-erotica, Freudian sexual derailment and electro-cyber nightmare. Man and computer begin to merge, and it goes all the way until every human instinct and impulse is transformed and rewired. Stop motion mutations and an oozing disc-drive vagina signal the failure of humanity to reign over its fetishistic relationship with its own technology, and once that happens -  well, it's time to pull out.

WARNING: This movie contains scenes of a GRAPHIC NATURE and is not for the timid or faint of heart! For mature audiences only!

This videocassette also includes SUNGAZER, an eye-scorching Super 8 cosmic horror film by Perry Ruhland.

Approx run time: 50 MINS

This is the first press of 50 copies, housed in small clamshell cases:

· 25 Power Penetration Purple Videocassettes (Only from LUNCHMEAT)

· 25 Gigathrust Green Videocassettes (Only from STRANGE TAPES)