Alien Face Mask

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Handmade by our own Momma Lunchmeat, we’re offering some rewind-inclined facemasks to get you VHStylin’ and keep you VHSafe out there!

Sewn with care and 100% cotton, Momma Lunchmeat has crafted and donated nearly 500 facemasks to local shelters and organizations in south Jersey. Profits from the sales of these Lunchmeat masks will go directly back to her so she can continue to create these masks and help keep her local community safe. We will also be donating 10% of profits to Hopeloft in Bridgeton, NJ, which is an outreach program that supports local artists and communities, dedicated to creating positive change.

Stay VHSafe out there, Tapeheads!

*NOTE* These are sewn by hand and sewing machine, so some minor imperfections may occur!