VHSurfer "Meet the VHS Collector" VOL. 1 VHS

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They’re the totally bodacious dudes and dudettes with an affinity bordering on obsession for anything stored on magnetic tape, and perpetual hunters of under-lauded cinematic artifacts that have been relegated to the rewindable refuse heap of home video history!

“VHSurfer: Meet the VHS Collector” is a docu-series that chronicles intimate and personal VHStories from Tapeheads around the world!

Volume One collects the first six episodes that started it all! Be Kind, Rewind, and Surf’s Up!

Episode 1: Matt Awkward

Episode 2: Matt Gainey

Episode 3: Josh Schafer

Episode 4: Rob Gabriele

Episode 5: Medusa

Episode 6: Bobby Canipe

This videocassettes also includes an exclusive short featurette and the music video for “Analog Tsunami” – the debut single from surf rockers Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th!

This is the second press limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases, and pressed on classic black videocassettes.