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Three strangers seek refuge in an abandoned house after a shelter in place order is put into effect by the Government!  Cities nationwide are in the process of shutting down as a highly contagious virus sweeps across the country. The strangers fight off zombies and a vicious biker gang in an attempt to survive the chaos… BUT NOBODY SURVIVES THIS NIGHTMARE… THEY ONLY SCREAM!


Filmed on location in Detroit, MI, and made by the husband and wife team of Anthony E. Moran and Rebecca L. Solano, LET US IN! takes influence from biker films of the 60’s like SATAN’S SADISTS and WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS and couples it with the intensity of intruder films like DEATH WEEKEND and HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF THE PARK. The film's gruesome practical effects were created by Michigan SFX maestro James Bell from Very Fine Crap Videos and is finished off with killer cover art by Timothy "SHAGRAT" Jenkins from the Detroit Horror/Metal punk band ACID WITCH!


“It’s like Night Of The Living Dead Meets Last House On The Left!” - Midnight Magazine 


This is the first LUNCHMEAT press, limited to 50 copies, housed in large clamshell cases:


· 25 Blood on a Shotgun Barrel Red / Black Duotone Videocassettes (Red Body / Black Flap)

· 25 Classic Black Videocassettes