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Presented in Partnership with Scream Team Releasing and Patchtown Films!

A multidimensional cable box installs itself into a neighborhood and slowly, the world. Two siblings (Van and Willow Reiner) discover a mysterious package on their porch and are taken on a wild channel-surfing journey through a world of television mayhem. Welcomed by their new friend, The Purple Guy (Knucklehead), this brother and sister find themselves standing up to the box’s algorithm to protect their minds. 

DIY to its core, HeBGB TV is a spooky, sci-fi story that takes you through the horrors and laughs of cable television. This film is a cacophony of comical commercials, perverse puppets, and monstrous music with a naughty dose of 90s nostalgia. HeBGB TV is indie horror comedy at its queerest. Don’t touch that dial!

The HeBGB TV VHS also comes with a candy corn scented VHScratch n’ Sniff face label! VHScratch it and take radical whiff before you press play, Tapeheads!

2022 / 78 mins / Color / Not Rated

This is the first pressing limited to 100 copies, and housed in large black clamshell cases:

· 50 Ooey Gooey Brain Juice Green / Purple Composite Videocassettes (Green Body / Purple Flap) *EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE FROM LUNCHMEAT!*

· 50 Inside Knucklehead’s Noggin’ Purple / Green Composite Videocassettes (Purple Body / Green Flap) *EXCLUSIVEY AVAILABLE FROM SCREAM TEAM - RELEASING AT A LATER DATE*