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The strangest issue yet! Issue 13 is packed with even more oddball tape reviews, interviews, analog shocks, schlocks, and more...

Inside You'll Find:

* The Monster Show (1986): interview with creator, Drew Allison of Grey Seal Puppets

* Yard Sale-The Movie (2002): review

* Finding your dead aunt's tapes: interview with Brian "DinkiePie" Dinkel

* Evil Spirits in the House (1991, dir. Steve Postal): feature/review

* FLESH GAMES: interview with modern found footage moviemaker, David Dawson

* Where's the Cap'n (1991):  interview with director, Scott Roberts

* and much MUCH more!

5.5 x 8.5 / 40 pages / Black & white / Cover photo: adjusted still from Flesh Games (2023) courtesy of Other Trash Films