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In a post-apocalyptic world, a mobile desert factory (Savannah Electric) run by the first thinking machine (The Benefactor), scavenges the last remnants of civilization.

Amidst the ecological blight, a clone worker (Gerit Stone) attempts to escape the grip of the machine and psycho-addictive virtual reality device (The SuperInducer), in a half-conscious attempt to regenerate the frontier into what it had once been.

He awakens from the spell of the A.I. “The Benefactor” in the form of dreams that catalyze an explosive social change.

Filmed in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1985, SAVANNAH ELECTRIC is a unique and fascinating take on artificial intelligence in a dystopian industrial wasteland. Backed by an outstanding score by Tom Paterson, director Perry Mark Stratychuk’s uniquely bleak world feels like a cross between a paramount work of philosophy narrated on tape, set to an electronic, psychedelic long-form music video. SAVANNAH ELECTRIC is truly one of the unsung masterpieces of independent art house-cum-genre filmmaking from the 80s.

This video release also includes an insightful interview with director Perry Mark Stratychuk, conducted by Jon Vaughn of Adjust Tracking / Omni Optica.

This is the first pressing of 50 copies, housed in large black clamshells, and pressed on black videocassettes.