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A mortician named Eric and his circle of friends are all experiencing horrific recurring nightmares simultaneously. Across town, a local priest encounters similar visions and questions his superiors about the recent deaths and madness that has befallen his pious colleagues. Soon after, the sun disappears from the sky and chaos erupts; as earthquakes and devastation occur globally. The nightmares spread like a virus, manifesting grotesque demonic entities who murder and mutilate all who foresaw their emergence. The young priest arrives in hell with his vocal chords removed and must bear witness to the tortures of the damned in some of the most disturbing and execrable images ever committed to videotape.

An early and virtually unreleased 1994 SOV feature from Massachusetts based video auteur Brain Paulin (Bone Sickness, Fetus, Blood Pigs), Reap of Evil presents an unfiltered analog vision of hell like no other; boasting Paulin’s trademark jaw-dropping homespun gore effects, practical stop-motion mayhem, and slimy satanic solarized set pieces. Landing somewhere on the artistic barometer between Kurt Kren and Olaf Ittenbach, Paulin’s stream of consciousness, home movie from hell is an incendiary powder keg of effervescent,  camcorder nightmare fuel.

Presented from the original VHS master. Duplicated in NTSC.

1994 / 89 MINS / COLOR / UNRATED

This is the first press limited to 50 copies, housed in large black clamshell cases, all pressed on classic black videocassettes.