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Presented in partnership with Zellco Entertainment and Cream of the Crap!


This videocassette is dedicated to the memory of Jaimz Asmundson. Please read the tribute to Jaimz HERE. This film was heavily championed by him, and we present this home video in his honor.


*NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER. VHS will ship third week in April.*



Skeptic and physics student Sonja Fitzgerald (Vida Zukauskas) finds a mysterious VHS tape in her basement one day; upon playing it she discovers it's a black-and-white film of a strange man performing a ritual. After doing some research, she discovers it is allegedly a film from the year 1594, made by the time-travelling sorcerer Var (Shawn Van Every) who harvested film equipment from the future and imprinted his spirit onto a roll of celluloid, and watching the film will release him.

After dismissing this as nonsense, the seemingly invincible Var appears before Sonja and begins relentlessly attack and taunt her. She then treads down a terrifying path of illusion, deception and madness in an attempt to save her soul from Var’s supernatural grasp.

Sometimes referred to as “the horror movie version of THE ROOM,” THE KINGDOM OF VAR is pure brain-bending B-Movie bliss. Cheap but charming FX, curious performances and costuming, and an ending that might just leave you speechless, THE KINGDOM OF VAR is a feast of time traveling, cursed tape creepypasta cinema insanity.


This videocassette also includes a KINGDOM OF VAR trailer and KINGDOM OF VAR Drinking / Snacking game that helps you party with VAR!!!




Presented in 4:3. Duplicated in NTSC.


This is the first pressing limited to 50 copies, housed in full-color slipcases and press on black videocassettes.