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Presented in partnership with Bollywood Crypt and Ramsay House of Horrors!


*NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER. VHS will ship on or around 5/22/23*


Are you ready for Freddy…  Bollywood style?!


The 1994 Horror / Musical Bollywood epic loosely based on A Nightmare on Elm Street is back to haunt your VCR!


Anita has been having horrible nightmares: a hideous man with burnt flesh and an iron glove of razors stalks her whenever she falls asleep. The terror only escalates as the dreams begin to spill into reality, and Anita’s friends start dying mysterious deaths. 


Ignored by the police and their parents, Anita and her boyfriend Prakash decide to take it upon themselves to unravel the sordid history of the evil spirit Shakaal and put his reign of terror to an end. Will they be able to stop the carnage?


Presented in widescreen. Duplicated in NTSC. Original Hindi language with English subtitles.


This is the first pressing limited to 200 copies, housed in full-color slipcases:

 •100 It’s Not a Dream Orange / Yellow Composite Videocassettes (Orange Body, Yellow Flap)

•100 Murderous Magician Yellow / Orange Composite Videocassettes (Yellow Body, Orange Flap)


MAHAKAAL will NOT be pressed on color videocassettes again after this press is sold out.