Ted Gilbert

Ted Gilbert

Ted Gilbert was born of immaculate conception, and though his status as Messiah has only caught on amongst a small following of devotees to a cult VHS themed fanzine, he is certain that he will one day save humanity from eternal damnation at the hands of discount megastores and genetically modified fruit flies. In the meantime, he spends his days pouring over lost and forgotten arcana of VHS titles, pulp magazines, and comic books, certain that through some indefinable alchemy he will unite the souls of these forgotten media in an epic war between order and chaos. Which side will you be on?

Question 1) VCRs owned (how many VCRs do you have in your posession):
Just one trusty one and a sketchy TV/VCR combo.

Question 2) Five must-see-before-you-croak videos:
every single fulci zombi flick... again and again and again. The Killer Must Kill Again, Death Walks at Midnight, Raiders of Atlantis (seriously) and Jason and the Argonauts, not a rare one, but my all time favorite since I was a tyke.

Question 3) First VHS you owned:
Tim Burton's Batman at around 6 years old, changed me forever (fuck Heath Ledger)

Question 4) Most prized VHS:
The Halloween Tree, no its not too hard to find and yes it is a cartoon, but it goes in every October 31.