PUTRIDS the name, horror and gore's the game!! I've been a freelance illustrator since '03 first starting out for skateboard companies and then onto album covers and horror/metal magazine illustration. I spend most of my time drawing the days away, listening to metal, reading horror comics/metal/horror zines, watching horror movies, going to metal shows, shitty bars and just a lot of drinking with friends. I go to about 7 horror/sci-fi/comic cons a year and collect as much as my budget allows which these days is not much, unfortunately; but I got enough junk to tide me over for a while. I like to hit the gym as much as I can and enjoy a woman from time to time as well. I grew up skateboarding and devoted most of my younger life towards that entirely but these days I find it harder and harder to maintain a good schedule with that but I do go through phases where I'll skate a bunch and then relapse into just pure nerdome. That's about it really. My favorite color is Deep Red and I enjoy eating BBQ.

Question 1) VCRs owned (how many VCRs do you have in your posession):
Well I only own one at the moment! That's pretty much all I need until this one takes a shit on me, heheh. This question makes me feel inadequate.

Question 2) Five must-see-before-you-croak videos:
Well this is the age old question that boggles every nerd's mind but I'll try to concentrate this as best as possible to my top 5 so here goes: Continentals RETURN OF THE ALIENS DEADLY SPAWN, Thriller Video's DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D., MAD RONS PREVUES FROM HELL, Midnight Video's THE GORE GORE GIRLS and how about THE BODY SHOP, NIGHT OF THE SORCERERS, TOXIC ZOMBIES, EVIL SPAWN, NIGHT OF THE HOWLING BEAST, OCTAMAN and BODY SNATCHERS FROM HELL!!!! See, my top 5... that actually wasn't so hard...

Question 3) First VHS you owned:
The first VHS I owned was when I was 12 and I came across a huge lawn sale and thats where I picked up 14 titles, CHUD, Re-Animator, Halloween, Night Of The Living Dead, Day Of The Dead, The Return Of The Aliens Deadly Spawn, Piranha, Evil Dead 2, The Clonus Horror, Laserblast aaaaand, I can't remember what the others were but those were the ones that really stood out to me.

Question 4) Most prized VHS:
I think one of my most prized VHS would be the Videatrics mid-size box of Toxic Zombies, I had my eye on that thing at my local video store for almost 10 years before I finally broke the dude down and purchased it off him for $20. I also was completely enamored with the United Video clam of Doctor Gore so thats up there as well. Also The Comet Video of Bloodfeast blew my mind when I was a kid. I actually thought they murdered real people for that film so there's another one. I'd say though that Creepshow was the VHS I wanted most as a little maggot; that creep just scared the fuckin' pants off me, so that's my number one!!