Louis Justin

Louis Justin

I am Louis Justin, I am 20 years of age and I run a small distribution company called Massacre Video. I have been a VHS collector for about 8 years now. For some unbeknown reason I've always had an odd attraction to bad and cheaply made films. If the VHS is scarce and it is a bad shot on video film, chances are I have it or I am out on the look out. Remember kiddies; the bigger the box the better!

Question 1) VCRs owned (how many VCRs do you have in your posession):
I currently have three VCRs and one Betamax player, but I only have my multi-system VCR set up at the moment right now!

Question 2) Five must-see-before-you-croak videos:
In no real order:

  1. Tales from the Quadead Zone
  2. Ms. 45
  3. Enemy Teterroy
  4. Nightmare
  5. 555(duh)

Question 3) First VHS you owned
Technically my first VHS was Silence of the Lambs that my parents bought from Blockbuster and I kinda stole it from them. But my first tape as a collector was Cannibal Campout on Donna Michele, looking for that tape kinda opened pandoras box for me.

Question 4) Most prized VHS:
How dare you ask me to pick! That is like asking a mother what one of their children they like more....but I guess if I had to pick it would be a three way tie between Black Devil Doll from Hell, my sealed copy of 555 or my original Japanese VHS of the underground pseudo-snuff film Niku Daruma.