Jon Canady

Jon Canady

He makes the art. He makes the rock. He makes the noise. He makes sure the Lunchmeat prints sorta correctly.

Question 1) VCRs owned (how many VCRs do you have in your posession):
One circa 2000 Sony Hi-fi VCR.

Question 2) Five must-see-before-you-croak videos:
Jonathan's top five obscure-on-ANY-format list:

  1. Engineering Red
  2. Tohjiro - Rare Fetish
  3. Amin: The Rise and Fall
  4. Rings of Fear
  5. Goke: Body Snatcher From Hell

Question 3) First VHS you owned:
Blade Runner

Question 4) Most prized VHS:
Saló - 120 Days of Sodom