John DeSantis

John DeSantis

In a small town on the south shore of Long Island New York, John's horror obsession began at age 3 with his first toys, the Remco Universal Monsters - but his Fisher Price record player was the true catalyst. Since Dad's rock albums were off-limits, Halloween sound effect records spun on repeat throughout his childhood (see Lunchmeat #5's Tales From The Crate). At age 4, Michael Jackson's The Making of Thriller (1983) sealed his fate. Teachers started to express concern over his gory drawings of monsters & creative writing assignments about death. During middle school, John would skateboard to the local comic shop for a fix of EC reprints & Twisted Tales. Then his parents gave him a camcorder, igniting a fascination with VHS that would burn inside him for the next 20 years.

Simultaneously inspired by the late 80's graffiti movement in New York City, the slasher film era, and early 90's death metal & hip-hop, John decided to pursue a career in the arts. Throughout high school & college he collected vinyl and VHS at garage sales, and his obsession with physical media amassed a collection of over 5,000 records & hundreds of movies. For 15+ years John DJ'ed around the world both as a solo artist and with friends from the NYC underground music scene. Then, in 2008, John re-discovered his love for the written word and stumbled upon Lunchmeat in Manhattan's legendary Forbidden Planet comic shop. The rest, as they say, is history...

When he's not digging through dusty video store basements in Brooklyn, John is Chief of Marketing & Promotions for Lunchmeat and contributes reviews & feature writing as well.

Question 1) VCRs owned (how many VCRs do you have in your posession):
4 - one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one at my girlfriend's mom's house, and one at my parent's house so I can watch a VHS anytime, anywhere without missing a beat!

Question 2) Five must-see-before-you-croak videos:

  1. Motel Hell (1980)
  2. Asylum (1972)
  3. Doctor Butcher, M.D. (1980)
  4. Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986)
  5. Horror Hospital (1973)

Question 3) First VHS you owned:
The Goonies (1985)

Question 4) Most prized VHS:
Video Dead (1987)